Foremost Smooth Wall Fertilizer Bins

Foremost Smooth Walled Hopper Bins

Standard equipment and features on all Foremost smooth wall fertilizer bins:

  • Hinged Roof Inspection Hatch including roof/hand rails
  • Stainless steel slide gate
  • Interior of bin is completely sandblasted and a two-component Epoxy Primer is applied to complete interior of bin.
  • Ladder with safety grip step
  • Hand railing for roof ladder
  • Rack and pinion bottom gate
  • Vented roof lid
  • Adjustable remote lid opener
  • Lower manway door
  • Sandblasted and topcoat with two part external paint
  • Sight glass windows installed – Set of three
  • Poke hole
  • Mounted on a wider one piece tubular framed skid formation, for unmatched strength and stability as well as providing an excellent plenum and uniform flow of air through the entire bin (as reported by PAMI – Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute).

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